This is a minimal wrapper around tf$cond() that allows you to supply true_fn and false_fn as lambda functions defined using the tilde ~.

tf_cond(pred, true_fn, false_fn, name = NULL)



R logical or a tensor.

true_fn, false_fn

a ~ function, a function, or something coercible to a function via as.function


a string, passed on to tf.cond()


if cond is a tensor, then the result of tf.cond(). Otherwise, if pred is an EagerTensor or an R logical, then the result of either true_fn() or false_fn()


in Tensorflow version 1, the strict keyword argument is supplied with a value of TRUE (different from the default)


if (FALSE) { ## square if positive # using tf$cond directly: raw <- function(x) tf$cond(x > 0, function() x * x, function() x) # using tf_cond() wrapper tilde <- function(x) tf_cond(x > 0, ~ x * x, ~ x) }